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At 107 years old, Abe Titterman is ready for an adventure, and boy is he about to get one when the mythical Key to the Universe lands in his antique shop on the Martian moon of Phobos. Long a purveyor of antiques, alien artifacts and oddities from around the universe, Abe and his great-grandson, Quinn, know the Key is something very special not to mention in-demand.

Before long, Abe and Quinn are being chased by the Martian Mafia, the Solar Government and a rival antique dealer, all of whom would go to any lengths to get their hands on an artifact that can potentially unlock the very meaning of existence.

From the desert world of a long-dead intergalactic philosopher to a techno planet whose atmosphere is composed entirely of satellites, Abe and Quinn are about to see more of the universe than they ever expected as they race to discover the secrets of the Key.

They might even survive the trip.

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About Me

Patrick Scalisi is a journalist, communications professional, and fiction author from Connecticut. He has published stories in several magazines, including The Willows, Neo-opsis, and, among others. In addition, his short stories have appeared in a number of fiction anthologies, including An Honest Lie Vol. 2, Shadowplay, and Penny Dread Tales Vol. 1. Pat also served as the editor of The Ghost Is the Machine, a bestselling anthology of steampunk-horror stories from Post Mortem Press.

Pat's debut book, The Horse Thieves and Other Tales of the New West was released by the now-defunct Hazardous Press in 2014. He is currently working on additional novels.

Aside from his fiction, Pat is also an award-winning journalist, with a current focus on art, gaming, storytelling, and pop culture. The "Portfolio" section has several samples of this work.

When he's not writing, Pat enjoys watching way too many movies than are good for him, reading more books than he has shelves for, and playing the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.

For Pat's full bio, visit the "About Me" section.

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