Allusions of Innocence

Sometimes you write a story that sells right away; sometimes it takes a while for that story to find its proper home. That was my experience with "Hex McGowan and the Cat's Meow." After more than 20 rejections, I was about ready to shelve the piece for inclusion in an anthology of my own work later on. There was only one market I was waiting to hear from: Solarwyrm and a new anthology they were planning called Allusions of Innocence.

Suffice to say, Jax Goss decided to take a chance on "Hex McGowan." I'm glad she did because I really enjoy this story and I'm pleased that I can share it with the world. Like Hex, I was just waiting for my luck to change.

Allusions of Innocence is a themed anthology of "precocious children in adult stories." The cast of authors in the book is truly international, with a fantastic number of great voices.